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End of line packaging & Storage

We take complete turnkey projects for end of line packaging for secondary packing, which can be product handling conveyors, diverters, carton box erectors, tapping machines, sealing machines, palletizers, etc. Storage solutions as per customer application and need can be developed by us. machine

Assembly, Testing & Inspection

machine Our solutions are available for the assembly of products from auto, auto-comp, white goods, FMCG industries. We offer sub-assembly stations, main assembly lines, on-line testing stations, as well as vision inspections stations.

Product and System Range:

  • All types of Conveyors Roller, Slat, Belt, Chain, and Plastic Modular
  • Pick & place Systems.
  • Servo based high Speed Gantries
  • X-Y-Z Axis Gantries.
  • Leak Test Machines.
  • Special Purpose Machines
  • End of line packaging systems.
  • Assembly, Testing Stations & Systems.
  • Pouch & Bag Filling Machines.
  • Automatic retrievable pallet transfer conveyors.
  • Pneumatic / Motorized Turn-Tables.
  • Servo-Turn tables and orientation stations.